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Back Office sub-module streamlines the preparation of cash letter remittances INTRAFIN Cash Letters Processing version 7.06 is our best cash letter preparation system ever! This functionally rich, easy-to-use, and scalable solution is suitable for large and small international banking back office departments. Its straight-through-processing option streamlines the administration and preparation of cash letter remittances. Since 1986, Intrafin has been providing quality solutions to banks in Australia and throughout the world. You too can benefit from an Intrafin cash letter preparation solution. Intrafin is already assisting banks in Australia and Europe to reduce transaction processing costs associated with preparing cash letters that contain foreign currency cheques, coupons, travellers' cheques, and other value items that have been negotiated by branches. INTRAFIN Cash Letters Processing is a sub-module of the INTRAFIN Network Banking, Back Office International Operations module. It is easy to use therefore no special skills or lengthy training courses are required. Your back office operations staff will quickly become experts. Eliminate data entry overheads with straight through processing. Capture cash letter items using Intrafin's easy to use menu option. Track cash letter items from time of negotiation to time of payment. Use Intrafin's integrated SWIFT message composer to trace items sent to cash letter clearing banks. Automate production of cash letter advices using your preferred cash letter clearing banks and standard settlement instructions. Generate all inter-branch and FX settlement accounting entries. Use Intrafin multi-currency accounting or interface to your existing accounting system. Process dishonoured items. Print customer letters. Generate accounting entry reversals. 'Kill' known bad items before incurring expensive clearing bank charges. Analyse your daily cash letter items and track high, low and average trends across a period of time on a currency or branch basis. Print query results. View results as graphs. Link to Microsoft Excel. Archive a wide range of online and daily reports provide details on transaction activities, and accumulated statistics. Do end-user reporting via your copy of a suitable third party reporting product.
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