INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems Currency Management & Administration
Not just for Central Banks INTRAFIN Currency Management & Administration module provides central and commercial banks with facilities for: Defining one or many Cash Inventories that represent the physical locations where cash is securely stored within the bank. Recording individual movements of cash into and out of various vaults or other controlled areas in which cash is held pending release to the customer or final storing in a vault. Reporting on current cash holdings, transaction activities, and accumulated statistics. Processing of mutilated currency claims. Maintaining non-cash related miscellaneous inventory items. The system is designed to assist your bank control and monitor the ordering, sorting, distribution, circulation and destruction of local and other currencies. In particular, ensuring that: All issues, deposits, and movements of currency are accurately recorded and processed, Adequate currency stock levels are maintained, and The correct controls and reports are in place to ensure the adequate availability of good quality notes and coin to meet the country’s requirements. Many activities result in the automatic generation of accounting entries. Details of these entries are passed to either the INTRAFIN Treasury & Customer Accounts module, or the Bank’s General Ledger accounting system, for posting as required.
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