INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems Global Risk Management & Control
Rest easy with INTRAFIN Global Risk Management & Control INTRAFIN Global Risk Managment & Control version 7.06 is our best multi-currency daily net settlement and product limits system ever! It is an integrated component of INTRAFIN Network Banking and provides management and control facilities for recording and monitoring multi-currency limits and exposures of Customers, Deal Parties, Correspondent Banks and Countries. Since 1986, Intrafin has been providing quality solutions to banks in Australia and thoughout the world. Since then, Intrafin Global Risk Management & Control (GRC) facilitiies have been constantly upgraded to meet changing business requirements. GRC is a multi-currency system. Its limits may be recorded in terms of any nominated currency (e.g. USD, EUR, AUD) without impacting a transaction's currency amount. All exposures are recorded in the currency of the transaction and then converted to 'Limit Currency' using exchange rates supplied with transaction information and regularly revalued at current exchange rates. Bank related exposures can be recorded at a 'Transaction Bank' (or its predefined 'Parent Bank' level), Bank Group level, or both. Customer and Deal Party exposures can be recorded against a Customer level, Customer Group level, or both. Countries can also be similar status levels however, these status controls automatically override those assigned to Correspondent Banks and Customers etc, with the same 'Country of Residence'. All GRC facilities are fully integrated with other INTRAFIN Network Banking modules such as Trade Finance and Wholesale Dealing. And, if you have INTRAFIN Network Banking's Accounts module installed, intergration also means the balances of your direct and contingent liability accounts are immediately updated in the General Ledger. When used with Commercial Loans, you have the option to assign security/collateral details to a loan using a pre-recorded list of securities. This information is then used to calculate loan valuation ratio and display the Capital Adequacy Weighting associated to securities that are linked to the loan.
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