Make the right move... discover the benefits of an INTRAFIN system INTRAFIN provides customised, cost effective, and flexible systems to organizations in the international banking and finance industry. A carefully selected combination of INTRAFIN building blocks is used to create a solution that suits our clients’ needs and which can be easily adapted to support future business requirements. Other building blocks can be added later to expand your system’s scope. To minimise costs, we add new generic building blocks where appropriate. We also add bespoke developed building blocks when client-exclusive functionality is needed. We’ve been there! Done that! And we understand your industry because we've worked in it and experienced its dynamics - and its pressures.  
INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems
• Enterprise Products and Business Rules     • Customer Information System • Correspondent Banks Information System    • Security Companies. Vendors & Suppliers • Countries, Currencies, • Exchange Rates, Interest Rates • Operator Privileges and Access Levels • Spot and Forward FX, FX Swaps, Money Market,   Banknotes, Precious Metals • Banknote Safety Deposits • Off Balance Sheet Deposits & Withdrawals • Global Risk Management & Control • Remote Site Cash Positions Monitoring • Currency Exposure History Reporting • Bureau de Change • RetailFX (Bureau de Change plus Bank   Drafts, Money Transfers, Money Cards,   Travellers Cheque sales, Negotiable items) • Customer Foreign Currency Account activities • Currency Management & Administration • Shipping & Distribution • Consignment & Manifest Preparation • Virtual Sack and Tub Packing • Documents Printing • Shipping Fees and Charges • Dispatch and Receive Shipments • Vault Insurance Thresholds Management • Cash Receipts & Dispatches Scheduling • Mutilated Currency Claims
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Inquiry & Reporting Blocks
• Multi-Currency General Ledger • Customer Foreign Currency Accounts • Correspondent Bank Nostro & Vostro Accounts • Commercial Loans • Term Deposits • Real-time Accounts Updating • On-line Statement History • Online Gateway Processing (with   optional INTRAFIN-IBM WebSphere MQ   interface) • Travel Currency Orders Processing (TRFS) • TRFS-Lite • Outward Customer SWIFT Payments • Inward SWIFT Payments • Bank Drafts Sales • Drafts Issued Inventory Management • Cash Letters Preparation & Cheque Collections • Currency Note Buy-backs • Management Information Reporting • Data Warehouse archiving • On-line Reports • My Personal On-line Reports • End of Day Processing • Inquiry Options Launcher • Transaction Checking & Authorisation   Supervisor (TCAS) • Priority Authorisations with Remote Responder • Workflow Baskets • Active Alert Monitors
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