INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems Multi Currency Accounts
Real-Time Multi-Currency Accounts Processing for all your General Ledger, Nostro, Vostro & Customer Foreign Currency Accounting needs INTRAFIN Network Banking supports your total treasury and customer mult-currency accounting requirements. Accounts can be opened and maintained in real-time. And online inquiry facilities let you view individual account statements that include up to the minute postings. Intrafin's straight through processing engine will accept and post accounting entries generated from various sources including:     Other INTRAFIN modules,     Specially provided data input options, and     Other "external" applications. Creating your Account products has never been easier. Within minutes you can establish a new accounts product with its special interest and charges rules. And for beginners, we deliver your new system with a variety of predefined Account Types:     General Ledger Accounts     Customer Foreign Currency Accounts     Nostro Accounts     Vostro Accounts Special menu options provide facilities for maintaining Interest Rates and Account Keeping Fee tables on a currency and account basis including minimum and maximum balance thresholds and any related charges. Accounting entries generated from other INTRAFIN modules such as Trade Finance, Wholesale Dealing, Back Office International Operations and Retail International Banking are posted in real-time so that your value dated account balances are always up to the minute balances. Duties and other taxes charged by statutory bodies, including withholding tax on investment income, are also maintained and updated within the system. End of Day processing is used to produce journal reports, account statements, interest accruals, fee calculations, and archiving.
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