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Whether its across the street or across the world... INTRAFIN Outward Customer Payments with STP option will get it there fast Activate Intafin's totally integrated Straight-through Processing option and payment requests received electronically from your branches and internet banking system can be vetted and made ready for release within seconds. The full range of SWIFT messages is supported. Special attention is given to payments that exceed thresholds and require input of Dealer Booking numbers and special exchange rates. Settlements can be made in any currency to the customer's domestic or foreign currency account. if necessary, facilities also exist to split settlement amounts across more than one account. Real-time inquiry and tracking options make it easy to respond to customer queries about incoming payments. Bank drafts inventory caters for special overprinted and currency specific forms. Allocation of receiving correspondent bank for outward payments and issue of bank drafts is controlled by your pre- defined preferred correspondent list. Transaction checking and authorisation is fully integrated with Intrafin's unique Transaction Checking and Authorisation Supervisor (TCAS) and Workflow Basket technology to give you better control over transaction monitoring when effecting real-time payments. Standard options include daily reporting, interface with other bank applications and retrieval of historic data from Intrafin's suite of data warehouse tables. Many online queries include a direct link to your copy of Microsoft Excel thereby extending the scope for end-user reporting. See ‘Inward SWIFT Payments for information about INTRAFIN processing of inward Customer and Bank-to-Bank Payments (MT103s and MT202).
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