INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems Inward SWIFT Payments
Streamline your incoming payments processing Inward SWIFT Payments can provide your Bank’s international back office operations with day-to-day processing efficiencies. Its special features can be used to:     Load inward SWIFT Single Customer Credit Transfer messages that are MT103 or MT103+ format.     Load inward SWIFT General Financial Institution Transfer messages that are in MT202 format.     Load inward ‘Notice to Receive’ (MT210) messages that have been prepared by a non-Intrafin application.     Automatically generate of ‘Notice to Receive’ (MT210) details for each MT103/103+ message in System Base Currency, where cover is to be paid to       us via the Sender’s correspondent.     Automatically match new inward payment details against pre-recorded ‘Notice to Receive’ instructions and optional generation of ‘Payment Received’       message for sending to the ‘expecting’ application.     Optionally print a hard copy of original payment message details as it is loaded into Intrafin.     On-line inquiry and printing inward payment details on request.     Storing payments until Value Date or effecting payment using forward value dated accounting entries.     Assign transaction reference numbering, transaction tracking, and audit trail.     Validate beneficiary account numbers     Perform currency conversions using both Spot/Carded and Forward Exchange Contract rates.     Prompt for special attention to payments that exceed thresholds and input of Dealer Booking numbers and     special exchange rates.     Effect payment (net of any processing commission/fees) using a choice of payment methods.     Generate all related multi-currency accounting entries and printing of beneficiary payment advices.     Update Intrafin FX Positions and exposures.     Include transaction details on existing daily transaction journals and summaries. Intrafin's standard WebSphere MQ and Gateway Processing facilities can be used for all interfaces between Intrafin and other external applications. INTRAFIN Gateway Processing validates all new eBanking messages and makes the associated SWIFT MT103/103+, MT202 or MT210 details immediately available to the INTRAFIN Inward SWIFT Payments module. Seamless integration with INTRAFIN Transaction Checking & Authorisation Supervisor (TCAS) facility allows you to control whether an inward SWIFT Payment requires second operator checking and or authorisation at various points in its life cycle. TCAS can be activated whenever an MT103 or MT202 message: qualifies for straight-through processing (STP) when it is received by Online Gateway Processing, repaired/modified, paid, cancelled, or ‘returned/rejected’. MT210 (Expect to Receive) type messages are not subject to TCAS checking or authorisation.
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