INTRAFIN Wholesale and Retail FX, Banknotes & Commodities Trading Systems Travel Currency Orders
World currencies for customers that are going places INTRAFIN's Travel Currency Orders module provides automated processing of customer requests for foreign currency notes and travellers cheques, received from any electronic banking network. Let existing and new clients use your internet banking system to input their order details electronically with direct debit to their account or credit card and then use Intrafin straight- through order processing to complete order fullfilment. Travel Currency Orders module's feature rich processing includes: Receiving orders from any recognised 'Order Location'. Straight-through processing of orders for all currencies and travellers cheque issuers Automatic daily floor limits checking to control order volumes. Printing of invoices/sales advices and packing slips to facilitate order packing and dispatch as per customer's instructions. Processing of requests from branches for stocks to replenish their tills. Settlement processing by direct debit to customer's account or using the Order Location standard reimbursement instructions. INTRAFIN Travel Currency Orders module is an ‘industrial strength’ solution designed for processing thousands of orders per day. If this exceeds you expected volumes then you should consider the benefits offered by INTRAFIN TRFS-Lite
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